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On behalf of the Poetry Foundation. It shows that more than a third of men and nearly two-thirds of women who read for pleasure are users of poetry. The rather clumsy term “poetry users” is the way the survey describes those who listen or read poetry, or both.

Sites for poets and lovers of poetry
These figures seem quite impressive, but keep in mind that the survey only concerned those who were already reading for fun – and we, readers, are already, unfortunately, already in the subpopulation. According to a 2002 survey of public participation in the arts, only three out of twenty adults read or listen to poetry.

Before the poets among us retire to write a depressing haiku about the state of poetry, you may be impressed by the fact that 99% of the “non-poetry users” of the NORC survey said they encountered poetry in their daily public transport, at ceremonies, in newspapers, etc. – and about two thirds read/listened to these poems and loved them. In short, when poetry seeps into books, they appreciate it!

Personally, I like the chance to meet poetry, but I rarely look for it, and if I do, it’s mostly to revisit my old favorites. As for poetry critics, frankly, most of the time they leave me cold, while my attitude towards form is succinctly summed up by this well-known quote from Joan Didion: “Grammar is a piano that I play by ear. its power. It is as if the poetry critics belonged to a private club of which I am not aware; keep me at a distance to talk about technical terms that I don’t understand and, frankly, that I don’t particularly want.

That being said, I had serious doubts about writing a blog on poetry websites, when there are as many people more qualified than me; but then I thought maybe I had a perspective to offer precisely because I’m not an insider of poetry. So here, with the invaluable contribution of some Of BookBrowse’s critics who are aficionados of poetry, are a dozen websites on poetry that have something to offer, even the least poetic among us.