24 Apr Hi Friends, There are so many study notes, Power Point Point Material Science subject of amie section A and take some words as shown in. 3 Feb After replying to the students from years through my facebook page, I came to know the biggest doubt every AMIE student has in his mind. 12 May Having been passed Sec-A and Sec-B exams with CGPI from The Institution of Engineers (India) better known as IEI and successfully.

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I do referred the solved question papers but that followed only after the book reading was done and just for reference matefial to understand question paper pattern. The ultimate aim of the study should be understanding and concepts which you will only appreciate after thoroughly reading it.

That is why our postal course is better than books as far as AMIE examinations are concerned. You know, generally a book covers syllabus of all the engineering colleges in India to augment the sale of the book.

List of the books are given in the syllabus book which you received at the time of membership registration along with Sec-A study materials. Which institute has best study material for CE ies master or made easy?

It is almost impossible that you s any difficulty understanding any topic. It is also possible to pass these examinations without any physical external help with self-study and a bit of internet browsing which need strong individual dedication. We do not chase any other area. Which institution offers the best study material for PMTs? To bring total quality in the course, we are using kaizen strategy continuous improvement in the process of course development.

See and follow my others answers too secrion more on books and strategy. You can see sample of online support in our free AMIE stuff. Which institution amie study material for section a material is the best amie study material for section a IAS preparation? You dismissed this ad. Which coaching institute provides the best study material amiw Vedic Maths?

STUDY MATERIAL (AMIE) | shivapublications

Which study material is the best? Notes are written in simple English, easy to understand. And so this course is meant for those AMIE aspirants who are willing to study on their own – without being instructed by someone else.

To summarise, focus should be on self-sufficiency and individual capacity building. I strongly suggest to read the whole book for each subject.


The entire printed course material in the form of notes is divided into number of modules consisting of basic concepts and examples to bring out clarity. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

Amie study material for section a that can be developed I think it is the best way of doing it. Well, this a very interesting question. There is no any specific Institution, you can take help from nearby available coaching Institution if any or classes which usually held on state centers or from relatives or friends if possible. Take your writing to the next level.

You can enroll at any time as the despatch schedule is adjustable. Stuudy this process you waste your precious time. All the very best.

Syllabus of AMIE amie study material for section a quite bit different from regular engineering syllabus so getting good study material is quite bit difficult but as per my point of view you can refer the study material of AmieStudyCircle they provide the study material with respect to syllabus of AMIE. So you have to put extra efforts to make notes from the book stury as to make it useful for your purpose.

Download Study Notes for AMIE Subjects easily – AMIE Study Tips

Good luck, and work on self study. As far as I know there is no such thing, IEI itself provides Free material for Sec A exams which itself is not sufficient because of the vastness and grey areas in the syllabusthey amie study material for section a provide study materials for Sec B but this one is one particular demand and fees.

Novelty of our course materiaal that it is focused. Materoal are the reasons: To further strengthen our AMIE course, we are giving online support which includes AMIE question papers, model papers, online objective questions, video lectures, audio lectures, eBooks and coure updates.

Download Study Notes for AMIE Subjects easily

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Multi discipline course e. Swction explain everything slowly and patiently the lessons anticipate the sort of difficulties you may run into while learning from amie study material for section a, and sort of queries and questions you may like to get answered.

This is a self study course. Which is the best study material for management UGC net from institutes?

If that is not happening then I don’t think there is real value adding in career.