5 Jul This project is a microcontroller based line follower robot by using ATmega8 development board from “ROBOGENISIS”. This development. Hi all, I am new here and about to make a debut in robotics with a simple line follower robot. I have chose AVR ATmega8 as my microcontroller because I found. 4 Oct Here is a simple line following robot circuit designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller. It can be used in industrial and defense applications.

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And how the bot behaves when we get a sharp 90 deg turn like sharp left turn in which sensor 1,2 and 3 line follower robot using atmega8 on line.

To do a right turn we need to make the right motor go slow by the amount of control if control is less than Avinash Sir can I use Atmega 16 in place of Atmega 8. This article is actually a nice one it assists new internet viewers, who are wishing for blogging.

Line Following Robot Board with AVR ATmega8 and L Motor Driver

Tell the reason for it. You can save lots of time and pay more attention in the program part roobt is more important. By Vivan – December 30, 8: Please guide me for above problems. If you want to go for ATmega16 line follower robot using atmega8 have to change the connection and also the program.

What should I do? By Avinash – October 6, 9: The electronics board is split into to parts.

Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

By nannu – October 21, 2: Robot C Error Now its working fine for right turn but facing difficulty in left turn. Can you please help me out ofllower the logic that i need to put in.

By ankush – August 12, 2: HayCan I have the proper method of making sensor circuit and motor board please?? Similarly line follower robot using atmega8 another surface than a flex will lne different reflectance so the sensor will not be able to “see” the line. By Avinash – June 10, 6: What kind of sensors is it exactly?

Not every one is as bright as u r, not every one would line follower robot using atmega8 had a formal electronics background, got to be a bit more polite to encourage people reading or leaarning from uding r site bye.

It is working great on smooth turn even at full rpm but facing difficulty in sharp 90 degree turn.

Line Following Robot Board

Sir another question which software i have to use? Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. One of the most basic autonomous robot you can build is a line following robot LFR. Avinash Post author Bro can you came on mail box.

Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

By himanshu deore – August 31, 2: By Avinash – August 27, 9: By manideep reddy allala line follower robot using atmega8 February 20, 9: Jumper j5 provides 5 volt output. Sir, would you please provide me the library files.

By Jalaj – February 8, 2: By venkatesh kosuri – December 22, By Ashish Inamdar – November 29, 5: I have been working on some projects. Bikash see the DVD you should have received with the kit.

If you bring some white surface in front of the sensor, the voltage output should change. But the problem is that our competitors are using a line follower robot using atmega8 motor…So we wanted to know that if you are having the same kit everything same but supporting a rpm motor…If its available with you please contact asap…. Karunakaran, I am also talking about the main board uwing only!

An on board LD is used for driving motors. You can purchase both the circuit boards made using high quality PCBs and parts.