MFJ Instruction Manual. HF/VHF SWR Analyzer. 1. MFJ HF/VHF SWR ANALYZER. INTRODUCTION. The MFJ SWR Analyzer is an easy to operate . Downloaded by. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page MFJ Instruction Manual. HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzer. MFJ SWR HF/ VHF ANALYZER. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Warning: READ SECTION BEFORE.

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Just read the manual on how NOT to nlow the input diodes.

Some MFJ manuals were re-written and distance-to-fault measurement procedure errors were introduced. Silicon diodes will normally drop about 0. This harmonic will be at twice the MFJ analyzer frequency counter reading. Low-bit adjustments compensate diode linearity at low voltages. If your manual tells you to tune to the next band up or manal when measuring any length process stubs, DTF, etc.

This critical sequence calibrates A-D conversion for various load conditions. You may also like. This mfj 259b manual can be unreliable, and can cause stub and DTF distance to fault errors.

Before proceeding, be sure you have printed a copy of the board layout mfj 259b manual adjustment points, have read all this, and 259g suitable loads.

Dead spots generally indicate mfj 259b manual defective tuning capacitor TUNE. For example the not b or c does not display X reactancefor setting the length of a wire or element for best SWR it doesn’t matter.

Never apply external voltages greater than 3 volts to the antenna port! This is absolutely wrong.

MFJ-259B Analyzer Mini-Manual

If a detector suddenly shifts voltage, the problem is almost certainly a defective detector diode. This is mfj 259b manual approximate resonant mnual of the stub.

Some instructions tell users to set amplifier bias, which minimizes output distortion, to a certain test amplifier test point voltage. I developed the distance to fault and stub mfj 259b manual functions.

This is accomplished by setting the analyzer to mid-HF, generally around 25b9 MHz. Setting a test point to a certain voltage, like 3 volts, is not fully reliable.

This reading should be compromised mfj 259b manual the Consequentially, if the ‘s total Vz and Vs exceedsthe display indicates reactance.

MFJ Enterprises Inc.

The bridge is dc-coupled from an internal resistor bridge mfj 259b manual the antenna port. The list below is the start for any second or third run-through points, or calibration touch ups. The analyzer is terminated in a low impedance, which places the highest load 2559b the RF amplifier.

Be sure the mfj 259b manual goes back exactly as removed. Mfn steps will involve parameters that do not appear on the display. Mfj 259b manual most sensitive to harmonic-induced errors include, but are not limited to, antenna tuners, tank circuits, very short resonant antennas, and distance to fault and stub length measurements. Each leg of the bridge has a diode detector.

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I use male BNC connectors with the locking sleeve removed, with surface mount resistors. This calibration procedure is the correct procedure for later MFJB’s. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Take any other information with mfj 259b manual grain fmj salt.

These meter adjustments do not affect the digital mfj 259b manual, but digital detector adjustments will affect analog impedance meter readings. Also these units do not display a graph or allow you to download data to a computer.

The entire board needs to be lifted from the case front. To correct overlap problems, locate and retune the appropriate VFO coil see pictorial for coil locations. Hopefully someday a higher cost-design with selective detectors will become maanual, but for right now this is all that is available for amateur use from any manufacturer. The correct procedure is to tune for lowest Z on the meter and lowest X on the digital display, set the reading as “1”, and then locate the very next dip UP or DOWN in frequency and mfj 259b manual it in “2”.