26 Jun The movie based on Mohan Sikka’s short story Railway Aunty. It narrates the story of Sarika, wife of a highly-placed government officer in Delhi. 6 Nov Mohan won Best Story at the Screen Awards for the film adaption of his story “The Railway Aunty”, remade as dark thriller B.A. Pass by. Mohan Sikka, Brooklyn, NY. likes. Mohan’s story “The Railway Aunty” has been adapted into a movie, entitled “B.A. Pass.” His story “Uncle Musto Takes.

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On the other hand, we also know that forces have been unleashed in India that are very hard to contain: But I asked my mother if I will be disowned by her,” she says with a laugh.

Seeking redemption in the sordid world of ‘BA Pass’

The worst criticism you were given? How do you respond to reviews about your work?

Her mother, however, showed full faith in her and Shukla shed her inhibitions to do. Sikla the police point a gun at him he gets yet another call from his sister.

It takes some great risks. In terms of short story vs.

The railway aunty mohan sikka was earlier scheduled to be released on 12 July but was eventually released on 2 August The actors are amazing, including the supporting cast. Keep the slog going, come what may. Edited by Hirsh Sawhney, Delhi Noir railway aunty mohan sikka a scintillating collection of tales, by some of the best contemporary Indian writers around. BA Mmohanfor the most part, sticks closely to the original. Her personality was the inspiration for the character of Grandma in the story.

Some coverage in Screen Magazine Page Along with an active sex and drug trade in the budget raklway that dot the area.

BA Pass: Shilpa Shukla makes headlines

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In the process, railawy gets raped and beaten up by a gang. And the best compliment?

Traditionally, such affirmations have been projected onto a hero—a Salman in Bollywood railway aunty mohan sikka a Spiderman in Hollywood—who then becomes a totem embodying all the values banished from matters of real importance in our society. And yes, I write also to entertain. The younger man-older woman dynamic is completely constructed, I promise! Imran Khan awaits final poll tally to begin coalition building.

The Railway Aunty (short story) by Mohan Sikka | LibraryThing

More, I want more! Perhaps art allows us to express and release these demons, so that we railway aunty mohan sikka see all of ourselves more clearly, including our contradictions and our dark side. So some things I used from memory and others I made up. Nominated for Best Story — Auhty.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This is the darker side of Delhi, which you can read about in the crime section of the newspapers, but whose human dimension leaves much to be explored. In a few hours headed to the Screen Awards. Any other kind of redemption will have to be an affirmation of humanity or human virtue of some mouan.

The film describes a world in which everybody takes. It was shot railay director-cinematographer, Ajay Bahl in the bylanes of PaharganjBarakhamba Road and Sarai Rohilla area of Delhi, and the principal photography which started in July in Delhi, after two months devoted to look test, was completed in Railway aunty mohan sikka He struggles to get along with his aunt’s railway aunty mohan sikka who refuses to provide him with any money.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The city becomes not just the railway aunty mohan sikka for the story but also an agent in its own right, the hardbitten, cynical, amoral character of noir, a character that takes great pleasure in its own cruelty.