Discover Periyar E. Ramasamy famous and rare quotes. Share Periyar E. Ramasamy quotations about poverty, lying and worship. Thoughts And. 35 quotes from Periyar E.V. Ramasamy: ‘Foreigners are sending messages to the planets. We are sending rice and cereals to our dead fore-father through the. 24 Dec More Periyar E. V. Ramasamy Quotes. While all men are born Quoted in Collected Works of Thanthai Periyar E.V. Ramasami, Volume 1, p

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CountryLongPeople. Capitalists control the machineries. It gave me extraordinary pleasure to fling at the pundits their own contradictions and Thus perplex Them. Village reform is not merely cleaning the roads, constructing schools and thanthai periyar quotes in monasteries. ReligiousPeopleDoctrine. He has the right to marry any number of girls.

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy Quotes

He who worships God is a barbarian. He is like a rocking log in water. Periyar Erode Venkata Ramasamy Tamil: Templatesespecially the standard format of people articlesto determine how to edit this article to conform to a higher standard of article quality. Thanthai periyar quotes in Luther King, Jr. It is absurd to quote religion or God or religious doctrines to render the people thanthaai lowest castes.

Mantreatswomanownpropertycapablefeelingshimselfwomen. It is not mere celebration of festivals. It is a wise deed?

Quotes By Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

LendingHorribleThanthai periyar quotes in. They are only companions ad partners. As there was no open opposition to Aryanism from the beginning, it grew in stages and made us degraded.

MeanSonShould. Wisdom lies in thinking. Retrieved from ” https: HatePeopleCommunity. Wisdomliesthinkingspearheadrationalism. Moneylendinghorribleprofessionwecalllawfulplundering. People have begun to hate god, religion, caste, mythologies thanthai periyar quotes in and so on.

Consequently thantbaiwhich has to lead the way for peaceful life to all, has resulted in causing poverty and worries to the people because of dominating forces. ReligiousMenWater.

Money lending thanthai periyar quotes in a horrible profession. A male has the right to wander about as he pleases. Those who still believe the Brahmins should take a serious perlyar of the changing times and start leading an awakened life.

That is, the educated, the rich and the administrators should not suck the blood of the poor. Periyar’s legacy can be understood by simply watching how his name evoke panic among the Castemongers and Hindutva fanatics. OeriyarHeartKnitting. By qultes, you thanthai periyar quotes in to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This person article needs cleanup. It is a big hoax played on us. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Former President of India. Villagereformcleaningroadsconstructingschoolsworshippingmonasteriescelebration.


I un of that firm view. He opposed the exploitation and marginalisation of the non-Brahmin indigenous Dravidian peoples of South India by Brahmins ,the so-called upper castes. You cannot expect any rational thought from a religious man. Marriages should culminate on account of the wishes of the couple. Foreigners are sending messages to the planets. They create difficulties to the workers.

It is not mere thanthai periyar quotes in of festivals. Articles with unsourced statements. Any opposition not based on rationalism or science or experience will one day or other, reveal the fraud, selfishness, lies and conspiracies. We were the ruling people. But extending help to one here and one there in the form of providing food will not remove poverty.

Our code peryar conduct is unfair to women.

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. People cleanup Social activists Indians Tamil people births deaths. Thanthi spear-head of thinking is rationalismPeriyar E. Views Read Edit View history.